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Do itttt

College Graduation

Today I graduate from college. It’s only an associates degree but this is a huge feat for me. I did it! I’m walking across that stage, and getting my damn degree. It’s been a long 4 years, and a long ass battle with depression and anxiety. But today I finally get to walk!

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a big deal, like I’m an underachiever. My sister is graduating high school and college today with her associates with me. With high distinctions. And already accepted into University. I’m just getting my boring, plain ol associates, 2 years late.

BUT, it’s because of me she had this opportunity. Because I learned the hard way with depression, she got to be successful. And together we get to take on the next steps of our lives.

In August I’ll be moving, and I’ll hopefully be starting prereqs in the spring semester. And eventually on to nursing school :)

Anonymous asked:

What happened to you prexious angel?

Sorry I’m just now getting this, I’m on mobile so I don’t get notifications. He passed away at 8 months due to unknown causes in his sleep. Last I heard, they deemed it SIDS.